Venture capital for exceptional startups.

Who’s Darkside?

Darkside Capital backs seed-stage companies created by exceptional founders.

We’re seeking the disruptors ready to turn traditional business models upside down.

Who are you?

You’re a founder who’s for an open internet or you believe in self-sovereignty. Your new start-up or idea is focused on one of the following:

  • Open source technology.
  • Anything around the WooCommerce ecosystem.
  • A transition from physical presence to online, for example, an online pharmacy, grocery store, fitness, or consultation.
  • Bitcoin and Crypto.
  • Building with sustainable technology and ultramodern design.
  • Energy generation and conservation.
  • Food growth.

Are we aligned?

We aim to propel people into their digital futures and help equip them with the resources they need to be self-sufficient and thrive. We help people take control of their destiny and create a more fair world.

We value: fairness, freedom, transparency, capitalism.


We’ve already helped many entrepreneurs and companies, such as:


Peach Pay is an easily-customizable one-click checkout plugin for WooCommerce. It simplifies the purchase process and as a result increases conversion rates.

NDAX Digital Asset Exchange

NDAX is a cryptocurrency exchange fully integrated into the Canadian banking system for retail and institutional clients.

Rocky: an online only pharmacy for men

Rocky is the first vertically integrated men’s health digital platform in Canada.

Blockchain Gaming: Learn, Play, Earn

Blockchain Gaming is a blockchain gaming fund based in Singapore.

Looking forward

We are exploring investing in large plots of farmland for sustainable development. If you’re ready to emerge from the darkside, contact us!


Mitchell Callahan and Dominik Sauter are team Darkside. They bring deep experience and knowledge to the venture capital arena.

The two men are the founders and owners of Saucal – a successful WooCommerce business that builds, manages, and maintains online stores and extensions powered by WooCommerce for WordPress.

Mitch and Dom are very early adopters of crypto. In fact, one of their earliest clients was Canada’s first bitcoin exchange, and they currently own shares in a newer Canadian exchange called NDAX.

Are you a fit for Darkside’s plans?

If you:


Have a great idea


Believe in a digital future, sustainability, self-sufficiency, and open source technology.


Are looking for funds

Reach out to us for an informal conversation or with your pitch deck.